QA & Software Testing

QA & Software Testing Service

Cinergy Tech provides an offshore team that offers independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing solutions and services for the next generation enterprises across the globe. Our experienced and highly skilled quality assurance outsourcing team has a hands-on, end-to-end understanding of various challenges enterprises face in digital transformation.

  • Manual Testing
    Manual testing is a testing method that is performed in order to detect defects without the use of tools or automation scripting. To ensure complete test coverage, a test plan document is created that serves as a guide for the testing process.
  • Automation Testing
    We thoroughly cyber testing are all automated tests that look for vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit in a piece of software, a network device, or an entire IT infrastructure.
  • Performance Testing
    Examining how the software performs under various workloads. Load testing, for example, is used to assess performance under real-world loads.
  • Mobile Testing
    The process of testing mobile apps for functionality, usability, and consistency is known as mobile device testing. App testing on mobile devices can be done manually or automatically.
  • Agile Transformation
    Our agile testing team ensures that testing complements development and aids in the adoption of automation through continuous integration and application of testing techniques. This method also aids in time-to-market and removes any flaws.
  • Cloud Testing
    Our cloud testing team uses technologies like Keynote and LoadStorm that enables our clients to test their cloud-deployed applications.
  • Big Data Testing
    Performance and functional testing are critical in Big data testing. Our engineers test the processing of terabytes of data using a commodity cluster and other supporting components.

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